Liberty Scam Alert

Please be aware of scammers currently targeting some households in the Wrexham area.  Some people claiming to be from Liberty are attempting to gain entry to homes by saying they have come to service solar panels.  Liberty is the company used by Wrexham Council. The authority has confirmed that no work of this nature is currently being carried out by Liberty and that anyone posing as one of their engineers is not an official representative of this company.


Glyntraian Community Council, along with Community and Parish Councils all over the UK, is well aware of the discomfort, distress and worry that the COVID-19 virus outbreak is bringing.  Our recommendation is that you should follow the advice of the Chief Medical Officer and keep the risk of infection and the spread of infection as low as possible. We request that everyone remains calm in the developing situation.

For latest information see

For latest Public Briefing notes from Wrexham County Borough Council see:

The coronavirus is a very serious risk to those aged over 70 and those in this age group must remain in self-isolation at home in accordance with UK Government guidelines.  For those in Glyntraian and in self-isolation without family or friends to help, ‘Helping Hands’ volunteers will be able to assist with delivering groceries and prescriptions.  If you are a Glyntraian resident and have no access to family and friends for support, please contact Davena Davies (Community Agent) on 07870 337091, or Stephanie Masters (Clerk to Glyntraian Community Council) on 07535 733418.

Mandy and Phil at the Pontfadog Post Office are taking orders and are doing their best to meet these.  They will advise about payment at the time the order is placed. For further information please visit their Facebook page.

You can order groceries from Stans (St Martins) over the phone (01691 772348) and pay for these with your debit card.  Each week orders must be placed by Tuesday and will be ready for collection on Thursday.  When calling to order groceries you must state you are a Ceiriog Valley resident.  If you are a Glyntraian resident and aged over 70 or self-isolating with no access to family and friends for support, ‘Helping Hands’ volunteers will be able to collect and deliver your order to you.

Once you have placed your order with Stans you must inform us that you have ordered groceries that require collection by calling Stephanie Masters (Clerk to Glyntraian Community Council) on 07535 733418.

The Glyn Ceiriog Doctors’ surgery is now closed. If you need a repeat prescription, you can take it to the pharmacy in Glyn Ceiriog and it will be sent to Llangollen Health Centre where your request will be dealt with.  Alternatively, you can call to arrange a prescription by phoning the doctors surgery in Llangollen (01978 860625). Any prescriptions will come back to the pharmacy in Glyn Ceiriog for collection.  Allow 3 days for this process.  For those aged over 70 years and/or become ill in self-isolation ‘Helping Hands’ volunteers will be able to collect and deliver these to you.

The Chirk Doctors’ surgery is also closed to walk-in patients.  However, if you take your prescription and post it in the repeat prescriptions post box near the front entrance of the surgery it will be processed. For further information see the surgery’s website: For those aged over 70 years and/or become ill in self-isolation ‘Helping Hands’ volunteers will be able to collect and deliver these to you.

In accordance with the latest Government guidance designed to restrict the spread of the Coronavirus the Pontfadog and Dolywern playgrounds are now closed until further notice.

Shopping (Fruit and vegetables deliveries)
Mike Hughes from the vegetable shop in Chirk says he is happy to deliver up the Valley.  He has a full range of fruit and vegetables. He also has compost at the moment and he is hoping to have plants within the next two weeks. He can deliver 25 kg sacks of potatoes (price today is £11.90).  He can also supply milk and Llaeth y Llan yoghurts. There will be no minimum order charge.

He will do deliveries on Tuesday (orders must be in by Monday) and on Friday (orders in by Thursday). Orders are to be placed by phone: 01691 774850.  Payment can be in cash or by card.

Ready Prepared Meals
The award winning Caffi Cwtch meal delivery service run by Nightingale House is now delivering to the Ceiriog Valley on Wednesdays at 4pm.  There is no charge for delivery, but Nightingale House would welcome donations to cover fuel costs.

For menu and prices see

Meals will be delivered to the Oliver Jones Hall for collection.  If you are aged over 70 or are unwell and in self isolation with no immediate access to family or friends to help ‘Helping Hands’ volunteers will deliver the meals to you. 

If you place an order, please inform Stephanie (07535 733418).

Grocery Deliveries from Stans
  ‘Helping Hands’ volunteers are ONLY collecting essential grocery orders (food, hygiene and cleaning products) from Stans on Thursdays ONLY.  Orders must be placed and paid for over the phone by Tuesday.  You will need to advise Stans your order is being collected by a volunteer and therefore you do not require a delivery.  You must inform Stephanie (07535 733418) that you have placed an order for collection. 

Deliveries by volunteers are ONLY for residents aged over 70 or those unwell and in self isolation, who have no immediate access to family or friends to help.

Just a reminder, for those not in the above categories, Stans do have a delivery service for residents in the Ceiriog Valley.  When placing an order, you will need to give your name and address over the phone and ask for delivery. The cost of delivery is £9.00.

Ysgol Pontfadog Site: Fact Checking

The Feasibility Study relating to the future of the Ysgol Pontfadog site is now complete and the final report was published on Wednesday 28th February 2020.  At the Glyntraian Community Council (GCC) meeting on Wednesday 4th March 2020, Councillors voted by a majority of 7-1 to endorse the report’s recommendation to develop a small number of low-cost starter homes, firmly tied into a local lettings policy and with a community benefit embedded into any development, on the former school site.  Statements given at the meeting by Cllrs Chris Futcher, Merle Hunt and Jools Payne can be viewed here.

Forest School & Community Hub
The Forest School & Community Hub business plan comprehensively failed to meet the viability, feasibility and financial sustainability criteria set at the very outset of the community engagement process. As such, it did not gain the confidence of the Council. The analysis of the Forest School and Community Hub’s feasibility and viability is on page 30 of the Feasibility Study Report. You can download the report here.

Next Steps: Wrexham Council Executive Board
The Council’s recommendation is expected to be considered by Wrexham County Borough Council’s Executive Board at its meeting on Tuesday 9th June. The agenda will be displayed three working days prior to the date of the meeting on the WCBC website.

Subscribe to Our News Page
We believe it is important our residents receive accurate information regarding the Feasibility Study, the consultation process and methodology, and up to date news of progress as Wrexham Council takes forward the Council’s recommendation. We recommend subscribing to the News blog on our website. Alternatively, please contact the Clerk, Stephanie Masters, who will be pleased to assist with your enquiry.

We will be posting FactCheck updates on this website on a regular basis.

We wish to remind all members of our community and the wider Ceiriog Valley, that Glyntraian Community Council is a publicly accountable body with a statutory obligation to publish accurate, transparent and timely information. All GCC Minutes dating back to March 2017 are available for scrutiny on this website under Council Information (or from the Clerk if prior to that date).

Council Votes to Accept Ysgol Pontfadog Feasibility Study Recommendation

Glyntraian Community Councillors voted by a majority of 7-1 to endorse a recommendation to develop a small number of low-cost starter homes on the former Ysgol Pontfadog site in the village of Pontfadog in the Ceiriog Valley at its Council meeting last night [Wednesday 4th March].

The vote followed publication on Friday 28th February of a 38-page feasibility study and options appraisal. The report by independent community engagement consultant, Marc Roberts of Cynlas Cyf, is supported by a 58-page Appendices document. It comes eight months after the closure of the 110-year-old village primary school by Wrexham Council and six months of intense engagement with stakeholders and members of the local community.

Tasked with exploring the most viable, feasible and financially sustainable future for the site, Mr Roberts’s report concluded that affordable housing for young families, firmly tied into a local lettings policy and with a community benefit embedded into any development agreement, will best serve the wider interests of the Glyntraian community.

A postal survey of 323 households in the ward elicited an impressive 71% response rate. Affordable starter homes for young families earned the maximum highest perceived benefit score from 40% of all respondents – higher than any other option.

Cynlas Cyf, based near Caernarfon, was appointed to manage the community engagement project after a competitive tender and selection process. The project was co-funded by Glyntraian Community Council and Regional Development Agency, Cadwyn Clwyd through the Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme.

The meeting was attended by Wrexham Council Leader, Cllr Mark Pritchard and Cadwyn Clwyd Project Manager, Helen Williams, who both praised the integrity and quality of the process.

Glyntraian Community Council Chairman, Cllr Graham Barrow said: “We wish to thank Marc Roberts for his diligence and hard work in conducting a rigorous and thoughtful consultation. He has produced a balanced and extremely detailed report, thoroughly researched, soundly evidenced and which pays due regard to the desires of many in our community.

“The report will now be forwarded to Wrexham Council, owners of the site, for further consideration. We look forward to working closely with the Authority, potential developers and of course, Glyntraian residents in designing a scheme the village can be proud of and which duly acknowledges the much-valued history and heritage of the old school.

The Ysgol Pontfadog Feasibility Study project received funding through the Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme 2014 – 2020, which is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development from the Welsh Government

Marc Roberts is a Director of Cynlas Cyf. He spent over 20 years in the WDA and Welsh Government developing and delivering several business support and regeneration programmes and was Regeneration Manager for Conwy and Denbighshire before becoming the WDA Business Connect Manager for North Wales. He was subsequently appointed the Head of Business Engagement (All Wales) for Welsh Government. He was appointed by Glyntraian Community Council and Cadwyn Clwyd in September 2019 following a successful submission after invitations to tender were posted on the Sell to Wales website

The Ysgol Pontfadog Feasibility Study & Recommendation Report is downloadable from this website’s News blog or the dedicated Ysgol Pontfadog page. It can also be obtained in digital format by emailing the Clerk A physical copy of the Report is available to view at the Pontfadog Post Office but may not be removed. The Appendices document in digital format is available upon request from the Clerk.

Please subscribe to this blog to receive accurate information on the consultation process, methodology and progress as WCBC take forward the Council’s recommendation. Simply enter your email address and hit the subscribe button half way up this page on the right to receive automatic updates direct to your inbox. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Storm Dennis Severe Weather Warning

Beware and Take Care
Please secure temporary structures and other items on your property likely to fall victim to strong gusts such as any scaffolding, bins, garden furniture and play items, especially football goals and trampolines. Review your travel plans especially if you intend to travel towards Wrexham over the weekend.

SEVERE WEATHER WARNING: The following advice has been issued by Wrexham Council’s Environment & Technical Dept., covering expected poor weather from today (Friday 14th February) through to Tuesday 18th February 2020.

All necessary reports of incidents should be made via the usual reporting routes and WCBC’s out-of-hours response call line. Tel: 0300 333 22 22

“The following report has been prepared to advise of the likely implications to residents and members of the public living and travelling through Wrexham County Borough during the weekend. The information used in the note is based on a number of sources and combines advice from a number of forecasts and contains latest advice from the Trunk Road Agency (NMWTRA).

A temporary speed restriction of 30mph will be established on the A483 and A5 viaducts in Wrexham over the weekend.

Based on current forecasts precautionary full closure of the viaducts will be required between 19:00 Saturday 15th February to 07:00 Sunday 16th February (During this period wind speeds are forecast at near 70mph).

‘Storm Dennis’ is predicted to hit between Friday evening through to Tuesday afternoon. The area will be subject to gales in excess of 70mph and heavy rainfall.

Saturday 15th February
Forecasts for Saturday are as follows;
o 00:00 to 06:00 – Wind speeds will gradually increase from the early hours of Saturday morning. Travel for caravans, cyclists and motorcyclists are likely to be impacted.

o 06:00 to 12:00 – Wind speeds are forecasted to increase in strength later during Saturday Morning. General consistency between forecasters for this period with Stage 2 & 3 restrictions likely.

o 12:00 to 15:00 – During this period forecasts vary slightly in maximum gust speeds – the maximum gust speed during this period close (68mph) the 70 mph (closure threshold for A483 bridges) – other forecasts also show wind speeds during this period close to the closure threshold. Therefore during this period potential A483 (south) full bridge closure is possible.

o 15:00 to 21:00 – Wind speeds will gradually decrease over this period – but travel with certain vehicle types will remain difficult.

o 21:00 to 00:00 – During this period wind speeds will grow in strength with restrictions to large vehicle likely.

Sunday 16th February
o 00:00 to 06:00 – General consistence between forecasts that wind speed will increase during this period. General forecasts show gust speed over the closure threshold (bridges A483 South) of 70 mph during this period. Therefore it is likely that a full bridge closure will be required.

o 06:00 onwards – Current forecasts show that wind speeds will decrease slightly from Sunday. Travel for large vehicles will continue to be difficult throughout the whole of Sunday.

Potential Risks
Fallen Trees due to high winds, trees in full canopy and saturated ground. Trees being fully uprooted cannot be ruled out

Infrastructure damage / objects in highway.

Flash flooding due to overwhelmed syphons / culverts and saturated ground

Street Scene Extreme Weather Operation Team
The street scene service will continue to provide operational Emergency response throughout the period.

WCBC’s planned ‘response’ teams are being supplemented with additional resource over the weekend periods. The Winter Maintenance team will also be in operation. Based on current forecasts, this service is likely to be deploying during the early part of the weekend but unlikely to be operational during
the peak of the storm conditions. The team will remain on standby throughout.

Action Plan & Mitigation Measures
Away from major travel routes, high winds and heavy rain are also expected across the region. Having just suffered a major storm during last weekend much of the area is still recovering. Whilst major disruption and damage has been cleared the forecast conditions are likely to compound recent problem sites and we anticipate main areas will experience repeated issues. The following actions will be undertaken across the weekend:

Emergency Operational Teams will be prepared to respond to incidents of damage infrastructure and fallen tress which present a danger to the public and travel.

Respond to significant road and carriageway flooding.

Known flood risk areas will be inspected during periods of the heaviest rain.

Traffic Wales have initiated an Adverse Weather Message Campaign to advise, warn and inform drivers of the current forecasted conditions.

Advisory messages have been distributed to the Freight Haulage Associations for cascade to their members

Emergency Response Resources & Structure
Wrexham Council’s ‘Emergency Response’ includes a nominated ‘Duty Supervisor who will field and log all calls and deploy teams as necessary. The teams will respond to emergency incidents. During and throughout the weekend WCBC have made necessary arrangements to increase operational response levels. Additional Supervisory and operational team support will be on-call to react to incidents.”

Follow BBC Weather Reports for forecast updates. Please check on elderly or vulnerable neighbours and dial 101 if you have concerns about someone’s safety or 999 if there is imminent danger to life.

Glyntraian Community Council Appoints Community Engagement Consultant

Public Meeting on Future of Ysgol Pontfadog Site First Task

Glyntraian Community Council (GCC) in partnership with Rural Development Agency, Cadwyn Clwyd, has confirmed the appointment of Marc Roberts from Cynlas Cyf to run a community engagement programme to determine the preferred potential use of the Ysgol Pontfadog site following the school’s closure in July.

“We look forward to working closely with Marc, Cadwyn Clwyd, Wrexham Council and most importantly, members of our community to explore options for a viable and sustainable future for this key site in the village,” said GCC Chairman, Cllr Graham Barrow.

The first of three informal drop-in sessions, at which all residents of Glyntraian ward and the wider Ceiriog Valley community are welcome, will take place on Wednesday 9th October at the Oliver Jones Memorial Hall in Dolywern between 5:30pm – 9pm. Marc Roberts will present his findings to Glyntraian Community Council in February 2020.

“The initial drop in session for the entire community in October is just one of several face to face community engagement and stakeholder sessions Marc will be holding throughout the engagement process,” said GCC’s Chair of Communications Committee, Jools Payne. “Now the consultant is in place, we expect to release details of the full consultation programme of events as soon as possible.” Anyone wishing to learn more about the Cadwyn Clwyd consultation on the Ysgol Pontfadog site is invited to contact the Glyntraian Community Council Clerk in the first instance by emailing or call 07948 214079. Details of further updates will be posted on the GCC Facebook page and website


Cyllidwyd y prosiect hwn drwy Cymunedau Gwledig Llywodraeth Cymru – Rhaglen Datblygu Gwledig Cymru 2014-2020, a ariennir gan Lywodraeth Cymru a’r Gronfa Amaethyddol Ewrop ar gyfer Datblygu Gwledig.

This project has received funding through the Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme 2014-2020, which is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Welsh Government.

Cadwyn Clwyd Agree Consultation Funding

Rural Development Agency, Cadwyn Clwyd, has confirmed Glyntraian Community Council’s bid for grant funding to run a public consultation exercise on the future use of the Ysgol Pontfadog site following the school’s closure on Friday has been agreed.

Councillors have arranged to meet with representatives from Cadwyn Clwyd to kick off the process of inviting tenders from professional community engagement consultants via the Sell to Wales procurement site.

“This is very positive news on what was a poignant day for our community,” said GCC Chairman, Cllr Chris Futcher. “With grant funding in place, the community council is now positioned to support Glyntraian residents in determining the future of this historic building. We are keen to hit the ground running and look forward to working closely with Cadwyn Clwyd, Wrexham Council and members of our community in developing ideas and consensus around a new chapter for a key site in the village,” he added.

Anyone who wants to learn more about the Cadwyn Clwyd consultation on Ysgol Pontfadog is invited to contact the Glyntraian Community Council Clerk in the first instance by emailing or call 07948 214079. Details of further updates will be posted on the GCC Facebook page and website.

Ceiriog Connects Ceilidh Supported by Council

Happy Feet Project is Strictly for All

We have been pleased to lend support through the efforts of Cllr Robin Boston and our Community Agent, Davena Davies, to the Ceiriog Connects dance project. Funded by a Wrexham Council Inclusion Grant, Ceiriog Connects has been running a series of affordable ballroom dance classes followed by soup supper at the Oliver Jones Memorial Hall (OJMH) in Dolywern, over the past six months. The classes are led by professional ballroom dance instructor Denise Sides from Dens Dance Academy in Wrexham.

The project will host its second major dance event of 2019 on Saturday 4th May. The Ceiriog Connects Ceilidh stars the well-known 5-piece Ceilidh band, Shave the Donkey, from Cheshire.

“The band play a mix of English folk dances with a few Celtic tunes thrown in for good measure,” said Glyntraian Councillor, Robin Boston, who is leading the Ceiriog Connects project in conjunction with Davena.

Cllr Boston added: “Various scientific studies have shown dancing increases physical strength, reduces the risk of osteoporosis, improves mental awareness, helps with balance and spatial awareness, reduces stress and increases confidence. Ballroom and other contact dancing has the added advantage of physical touch, which is shown to have the positive effect of releasing oxytocin, a naturally occurring hormone with incredibly powerful health giving properties. Dancing is also good fun and a great way to meet friends new and old.

“We are very fortunate that the Oliver Jones Memorial Hall boasts an excellent large dance floor and brilliant acoustics. It’s the perfect village hall for a Ceilidh or barn dance.”

The overall aim of the programme is more than just getting healthier. The Welsh Government set out a series of objectives in its 2017 Wellbeing Statement that includes ‘creating united and connected communities which are inclusive and cohesive’.

We hope that by making our dance classes and our dance events community occasions we will go some way towards achieving the Welsh Government’s objective. We want, through this programme, to contribute to a happy, united and above all inclusive community.

Anyone wishing to be part of the group’s sessions can contact Davena Davies on 07496 597894 or email or message through the Oliver Jones Memorial Hall Events Facebook page.

Tickets are affordably priced at £5, which includes a light supper. Book online through and searching Ceiriog Connects Ceilidh. Tickets are also available from Pontfadog Post Office and the Oswestry Ticket Office at Rowanthorn in Oswestry.

Future of Ysgol Pontfadog School Site

Residents Given Chance to Decide Future of Pontfadog Primary School Site

Glyntraian Community Council will host a public meeting on Thursday 11th April at 7:30pm at Ysgol Pontfadog to explore with members of the local community the potential future use of the school site after the 110-year-old village primary closes its gates for the final time in July this year.

The public consultation event follows a meeting between the Council and Wrexham County Borough Council Leader, Cllr Mark Pritchard, and education portfolio holder Cllr Phil Wynn in December 2018, at which the Local Authority leadership indicated it may consider gifting the site to the community in the long-term providing a financially viable and sustainable use can be determined.

“This is just the first in a series of community engagement events that will take place over the comings months,” said Glyntraian Community Council Chairman, Cllr Chris Futcher.

“This initial meeting is purely to kick-start the process of ideas gathering, present to residents some suggestions we’ve already received and take all comments forward into the next stage of the consultation. 

“It’s important we ensure local people understand the Community Council is only the facilitator of this process and that the community has to take responsibility for any projects.” 

Anyone who cannot attend the meeting can forward comments and suggestions to the Glyntraian Community Council Clerk by emailing or call 07948 214079. Details of further public consultation meetings will be posted on the GCC Facebook page and this website.

Despite a valiant battle and over 1,300 letters of objection, the school will close in July 2019.