COVID-19 Virus

Glyntraian Community Council, along with Community and Parish Councils all over the UK, is well aware of the discomfort, distress and worry that the COVID-19 virus outbreak is bringing.  Our recommendation is that you should follow the advice of the Chief Medical Officer and keep the risk of infection and the spread of infection as low as possible.

Those of you who fall in to any of the high risk groups should keep in touch with family and friends, and ask them to help with tasks that you cannot complete yourself due to self-isolation, illness or hospitalisation of yourself or those you live with.  At all times be mindful of all the hygiene advice, together with other information contained on the webpage below:

Remember, those of you who are fit and healthy must observe all the recommendations concerning contact, hygiene and cleanliness on the above webpage, especially if you are helping others.  Also, prior to travelling ask yourself “is my journey really necessary?”.

If you are self-isolating and have no access to immediate support from friends or family, please contact ‘Helping Hands’.

‘Helping Hands’ is a local group of volunteers, supported by Glyntraian Community Council, who can provide practical help, support, advice and guidance for Glyntraian residents.  Everybody needs a bit of extra support from time to time and ‘Helping Hands’ makes sure people in need get support if they begin to experience difficulties.

The coronavirus is now a serious risk to those aged over 70 and it is expected that in the coming weeks this group of people will need to remain in self-isolation at home, unable to shop or collect vital medication.   For those in self-isolation without family or friends to help, ‘Helping Hands’ volunteers will be able to assist with delivering groceries and collecting prescriptions.  If you have no access to family and friends for support, please contact Davena Davies (Community Agent) on 07870 337091, or Stephanie Masters (Clerk to Glyntraian Community Council) on 07535 733418.

We request that everyone remains calm in the developing situation and mindful of false versus factual information.  The latest information from the UK Government can be found at  Listen for updates on the radio or TV.  If you have any concerns, please contact Davena Davies (Community Agent) on 07870 337091 or Stephanie Masters on 07535 733418, who will call you straight back. Davena and Stephanie will be available every day between 9:00am and 6:00pm.

‘Helping Hands’ volunteers are Davena Davies, Stephanie Masters, Chris Futcher, Merle Hunt, Robin Boston, Ian Masters and Matthew Masters.  If you would like to be a ‘Helping Hands’ volunteer, please contact Stephanie Masters on 07535 733418 or email

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