Glyntraian Community Council Statement Regarding Questionnaires Bearing Council Logo Delivered in Glyntraian on 18th/19th February 2021

It has been brought to the attention of Glyntraian Community Council (GCC) that a questionnaire bearing the Council logo has been circulated in the last 24 hours.  GCC would like to make perfectly clear that this was not produced or endorsed in any way by the Council.  GCC firmly stands in full support of the recommendation resulting from the independent consultation and supporting questionnaire survey, and the integrity with which it was conducted.  GCC confirms that no further questionnaires relating to the future use of the school site will be circulated or endorsed by GCC.  We would like to remind all residents that the consultation was completed in February 2020 and GCC voted to accept the recommendation from the final report on 4th March 2020.  This was ratified by the Wrexham County Borough Council Executive Board at its meeting on 9th Feb 2021.  GCC consider this matter closed.

Glyntraian Community Council

19th February 2021

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